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276800 Precision Wheatstone Bridge

276800 Precision Wheatstone Bridge

Manufacture: Yokogawa
Product Description: Model 2768 is a Precision bridge used for the exact determination of resistance in the 100 m Ohms to the 110M Ohms Range with an accuracy of 0.01 to 0.05%. Since this instrument includes a high-sensitivity transistorized galvanometer and bridge power source, no auxiliary device is needed.
  • +-0.01% Accuracy
  • Superior Resistor Element
  • Minimized contact resistance
  • Guarding and shielding
  • Stable Operation
  • Heat-insulated pushbutton Keys

  • Measuring Arm 0 to 11, 111 Ohms adjustable in 0.1 Ohms steps, (consists of five decades; 1,000 Ohms x 10 + 100 Ohms x 10 Ohms x 10 + 1 Ohms x 10 + 0.1 Ohms x 10)
  • Multiplier x 100m Ohms, x 1 Ohms, x 10 Ohms, x100 Ohms, x1k Ohms, x 10k Ohms, x100k Ohms, x1M Ohms, and x10M Ohms
  • Accuracy (at 23+-2 degrees, less then 75%)
    x 100m Ohms range.. +-0.5m Ohms, x 1 Ohms range... (+-0.02% of setting +0.5m Ohms)
    x 10 Ohms range, x 100k Ohms & 1M Ohms ranges... +-0.02% of setting
    x100 Ohms x 1k Ohms & x 10k Ohms ranges... +-0.01% of setting
    x10M Ohms range... +-0.05% of setting
  • Maximum Allowable Input 0.2W continuously for ratio arm, 0.2W continuously per element of Measuring arms
  • Galvanometer (built-in) Max sensitivity... approx. 10microV/div. (provided with a sensitivity adjuster)
  • Galvanometer Battery Single 9V battery (JIS 6F22 or equivalent)
  • Galvanometer Battery life Approx. 300 Hours
  • Insulation Resistance More then 1000 Ohms at 250V DC at ambient Humidity of less then 75% between electric circuit and case
  • Dielectric Strength 500V AC for one minute between electric circuit and case
  • Bridge power source (built-in)
    Power source range 1.5/3/6/15V selectable
    Power source battery four 1.5V batteries (JIS R20P, ANSI D, Mono 1.5V or equivalent) and a single 9V battery (JIS 6F22, ANSI 6F22, Energieblock 9V or equivalent)
  • Case Grey metal Case, with plastic feet and carrying handles

Part Number: 276800
Price: $8,200.00