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AEMC Model 512 [Catalog No. 2117.68]Clamp-on Meter Model 512(TRMS, 1000AAC, 600VAC/DC, Hz, Ohms, Continuity) - Product Image

AEMC Model 512 [Catalog No. 2117.68]
Clamp-on Meter Model 512
(TRMS, 1000AAC, 600VAC/DC, Hz, Ohms, Continuity)

Manufacture: AEMC
Product Description: The Clamp-On Meter Model 512 is a general purpose professional clamp-on meter that measures up to the toughest standards. It is built into a rugged mechanical case and is designed using quality polycarbonate materials. This meter offers a complete set of measurement ranges and is in compliance with international safety and quality standards to ensure a professional and reliable measuring tool. The Model 512 is autoranging and provides the best measurement range and resolution for troubleshooting. It has a high resolution 40A range. The Model 512 measures AC Amps, AC Volts, DC Volts, Ohms, Continuity (with beeper), Frequency (from V or A) and has a Diode Test function. The Model 512 is sized for a comfortable, one-handed operation. This model is a True RMS clamp-on that provides RMS measurements for today's non-linear electrical environments. The Model 512 includes a pair of test leads (red/black with probe tips), 9V battery, soft carrying pouch and a user manual.

  • Standard size, full function clamp-on meter
  • 1000AAC current measurements
  • 750VAC/1000VDC volt measurements
  • TRMS measurements
  • Resistance measurement to 4000ohm
  • Continuity with beeper below 40ohm
  • Frequency measurements from V and A
  • Diode test
  • 1ms Peak function for fast capture of signals
  • Hold function to "freeze" readings
  • Large easy-to-read 4000-count display
  • 42-segment analog bargraph
  • Includes test leads and soft carrying pouch

  • Commercial, industrial, residential and HVAC troubleshooting
  • Power panel, junction box and battery bank monitoring
  • AC or DC motor testing
  • Power plant troubleshooting
  • Electrical testing and troubleshooting on non-linear loads, such as adjustable speed drives and computers.

Data Sheet

Part Number: 2117.68
Price: $189.00