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AEMC Model 565 [Catalog No. 2117.56]Clamp-on Leakage Current Meter Model 565(TRMS, 100A, 600VAC/DC, Hz, Ohms, Continuity) - Product Image

AEMC Model 565 [Catalog No. 2117.56]
Clamp-on Leakage Current Meter Model 565
(TRMS, 100A, 600VAC/DC, Hz, Ohms, Continuity)

Manufacture: AEMC
Product Description: The TRMS Clamp-On Leakage Current Meter Model 565 is designed to measure low AC currents, which are typically leakage currents in ground conductors. Low currents are measured using either 60mA or the 600mA range. The high sensitivity of the probe (10microA and 100microA) is possible through special jaw construction and, in particular, critical shielding of the jaws. At low measurement levels, this shielding out of the noise is critical for low sensitivity, accuracy and stability.

The Model 565 may be used as a standard clamp-on meter measuring to 100Arms, as well as AC Volts and DC Volts, resistance and continuity (with a buzzer).

The Model 565 is ergonomic in design and fits well in the hand, facilitating one hand operation. The jaw size is compact yet designed to accommodate the most common conductors up to 1 (26mm) in diameter.

  • Check for leakage and locate insulation breakdowns on live circuits.
  • Measures leakage current up to 600mA with up to 10microA resolution.
  • Measures current up to 100Arms
  • Measures up to 600Vac/dc
  • Measures Hz on either V or A inputs
  • Measures Resistance and Continuity
  • Hold feature freezes Value
  • Max feature keeps track of highest measured In-rush value
  • Zero button ideal for measuring relative values
  • Filter to isolate 50/60Hz fundamental from harmonics
  • Compatible with VDE 0404

  • Ground fault current measurement
  • Electrical safety compliance testing
  • Medical device safety testing
  • Process loop monitoring
  • General AC load monitoring
  • Industrial troubleshooting checks

Data Sheet

Part Number: 2117.56
Price: $285.00