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AEMC Model AN1 [Catalog No. 1971.01]Artificial Neutral Model AN1

AEMC Model AN1 [Catalog No. 1971.01]
Artificial Neutral Model AN1

Manufacture: AEMC
Product Description:The Artificial Neutral Model AN-1 generates a momentary grounded artificial neutral to allow the measurement of fault currents on ungrounded three-phase systems.

The Artificial Neutral is grounded intermittently through a relay driven by an internal electronic timer. This periodic grounding technique performs three functions limits the possibility of insulation faults within the instrument, allows for better discrimination of actual fault current and limits instrument overheating.

Relay closure time is switch selectable, Fast (0.5 seconds) or Slow (2.3 seconds), so that the ground fault clamp can be used on a meter with either an analog or digital display. An internal buzzer, also driven by the relay, is activated each time the neutral connection is grounded. Three LEDs, one for each phase, show the presence of each of the three phases prior to measurement. A fourth green LED indicates that the instrument is operating.

  • Designed for ungrounded networks, provides intermittent path to ground for leakage current measurements
  • Works from 30 to 600VAC
  • Red LED phase fault indicator
  • Switch selectable ground fault cycling of 500mS or 2.3 seconds
  • Buzzer alerts each momentary fault
  • Battery operated
  • Double insulated, fire retardant case
  • Four color-coded 5 ft 1000V rated leads supplied with alligator clips
  • Works with Model 2620 and other leakage current probes
  • Troubleshoot faulty three-phase ungrounded devices
  • Assist in leakage current measurements on ungrounded systems
  • Create momentary ground conditions to detect fault currents.

Data Sheet

Part Number: 1971.01
Price: $729.00