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AEMC Model CM605 [Catalog No. 7000.02]Clamp-on Meter Model CM605(100AAC/DC, Low Current) - Product Image

AEMC Model CM605 [Catalog No. 7000.02]
Clamp-on Meter Model CM605
(100AAC/DC, Low Current)

Manufacture: AEMC
Product Description: The Multifunction Clamp-on Meter Model CM605 is an ideal choice for both process and general industrial markets. It is also the perfect instrument for measuring 4 to 20mA process signals, as well as, the higher currents (up to 100A) associated with general industrial monitoring and troubleshooting.

The Model CM605 is a versatile device that is capable of measuring both AC/DC voltage, up to 600V, and AC/DC current. It can also measure resistance up to 10k and includes a continuity buzzer to assist in circuit verification.

For operator convenience, the Model CM605 can also hold the last reading in the display and capture the peak value at the time of the measurement.

  • 10,000-count LCD Display - Excellent Resolution
  • 100AAC/DC Ammeter with low 10A Range (1mA Resolution)
  • Tapered Jaws for crowded wiring or areas ( 0/ .60 - 15mm Jaw Opening)
  • 600VAC/DC Voltmeter
  • Analog Output in AAC/DC
  • Auto-Ranging & ADC Zero Push-button
  • Data HOLD & PEAK Functions
  • Relative Function to Compare Two Measurements
  • Ohm Range & Continuity Test with Beeper, 600V Protection
  • Batteries: AUTO-OFF and Low Battery Indicator
  • IEC/EN 61010 Safety Rated & CE Mark

  • Process loop monitoring
  • Automotive electrical troubleshooting
  • Industrial plant maintenance
  • General AC and DC voltage and current monitoring
  • Continuity checking.

Data Sheet

Part Number: 7000.02
Price: $199.00