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AEMC Model K100 DC/AC MicroProbe (4.5A, 1mV/mA)[Catalog Number 1200.67] - Product Image

AEMC Model K100 DC/AC MicroProbe (4.5A, 1mV/mA)
[Catalog Number 1200.67]

Manufacture: AEMC
Product Description: The K Series MicroProbes have an exceptional DC/AC current measurement capability. Very small and compact, these microprobes are designed for accurate measurements of very low currents with 50micro ADC sensitivity. The K Series probes are excellent companions to all DMMs and instruments that will benefit from the probe's high sensitivity, dynamic range and waveform displaying characteristics.
  • Measures extremely low level DC from 100mA
  • Outputs signal proportional to total current (DC + AC)
  • Low noise
  • Ultra-compact size and non-contact clamp-on convenience
  • Simple plug-in operation
  • Designed for use with DMMs and oscilloscopes
  • Accurate display of waveforms
  • No range or mode (AC/DC) switching required
  • Extended battery life
  • Red LED indicated momentary or continuous overload
  • Green LED indicates power and battery condition

Application: Industrial process controls (4 to 20mA current loops), Electronic circuit design, testing and repair, Automobile wiring and engine control systems, Avionics systems maintenance and repair, Shipboard maintenance and repair, Fault and signal location in complex networks, Ground and leakage current measurement, and Pre-deployment testing of power-conscious equipment.

Part Number: 1200.67
Price: $679.00