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AEMC Model MF 300-10-2-10 HF (MiniFlex 30/300A, 10", 100mV/10mV/A High Frequency (for use with any BNC Oscilloscope))
[Catalog Number 2126.84]

Part Number: 2126.84
Price: $599.00

AEMC Model MF 300-10-2-10 HF (MiniFlex 30/300A, 10
Manufacture: AEMC
Product Description: The High Frequency Model MF 300-10-2-10 HF MiniFlex Probe is a compact flexible AC current measurement device composed of a flexible sensor and an electronic module. It is designed to measure AC Current from 5Hz to 1MHz. The flexible sensor permits measurements on conductors where standard clamp-on probes could not be used. In particular, it can be installed in confined spaces, places where access is difficult, or even wrapped around irregular shapes. The flexible sensor is available in lengths of 6" and 10".
  • Measures from 0.5Arms to 300Arms
  • Accuracy 1% of Reading + - 0.3A
  • TRMS measurements when connected to a TRMS instrument
  • No core saturation or damage if overloaded
  • 9V battery for typical 140 hour continuous operation
  • 1MHz frequency response
  • Low phase shift for power measurements
  • Insensitive to DC, measures only AC component on DC + AC signals
  • Excellent linearity
  • Lightweight
  • Sensor is resistant to oils and aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • EN 61010; 1000V CAT III; 600V CAT IV; CE Mark

Application: Power measurements, Measurements on thyristors and SCRs, Switching measurements (disconnecting switch, etc.), Measurements on switchgear, and Control signals.