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AEMC Model MX22[Catalog No. 2119.22]Digital Multimeter (4000-count, TRMS, 0.5% accuracy with holster) - Product Image

AEMC Model MX22
[Catalog No. 2119.22]
Digital Multimeter (4000-count, TRMS, 0.5% accuracy with holster)   

Part Number: 2119.22   
Price:  $139.00 
Product AEMC Model MX22 [Catalog Number 2119.22]
Digital Multimeter (4000-count, TRMS, 0.5% accuracy with holster) Obsolete

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Manufacture: AEMC
Product Description: The Model MX22 is an accurate TRMS Digital Multimeter (DMM) designed for everyday electrical applications. The 4000-count display incorporates a 34-segment bargraph. The ergonomic design and balance make it very comfortable to hold and operate function selections quickly and easily using the large rotary dial. All standard multimeter functions are available including volts, amps, frequency, ohms, continuity and diode checking. The Model MX22 is safety rated to EN 61010, 600V CAT III.

  • TRMS (AC + DC) measurements for accurate results
  • An innovative design with a compact, double insulated rugged case
  • Large, easy-to-read display with bargraph
  • Functions include: Min/Max, Avg and Mem
  • Measure AC volts up to 600V and DC volts up to 600V
  • Includes rugged, shockproof, protective holster and test leads
  • Dustproof, IP40 rated
  • Measure AC volts and amps in power panels
  • Check continuity
  • Troubleshoot motor controlled circuits
  • Measure resistance, capacitance and frequency.

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