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Amprobe ACD-14 TRMS-PLUS Dual Display Digital Clamp MultimeterManufacturer Part Number: 3086910 - Product Image

Amprobe ACD-14 TRMS-PLUS Dual Display Digital Clamp Multimeter
Manufacturer Part Number: 3086910

Manufacture: Amprobe
Product Description: The Amprobe ACD-14 TRMS-PLUS Digital Clamp Multimeter is the perfect choice for HVAC and electrical applications due to its versatile set of features which includes microamps, temperature with thermocouple, capacitance, frequency and true-rms accuracy. This digital clamp multimeter provides added functionality with a dual display for views of amperage and voltage simultaneously.
  • Dual Displays- Permits simultaneous reading of Amperage & Voltage
  • True RMS for precise measurement results
  • New thin jaws, 5mm thinner than others to access tight measurement spaces
  • Micro Amps measurement for testing Flame Sensors
  • Capacitance to 3000 micro F
  • Temperature with Type-K Thermocouple probe
  • AC and DC Voltage to 600V
  • Resistance to 40M ohm
  • AC Current to 600A
  • Frequency measurement
  • Diode test and Continuity Buzzer
  • Hold and Maximum reading functions
  • In rush current
  • Accommodates conductors up to 28 mm (1.1) in diameter
  • Auto ranging
  • Auto power off and low battery indication
  • Rubber over-molded case

  • Battery Life: 95 hours approx. (in DCV mode)
  • Size: L190mm X W 63mm X H 32mm (L 7.48 X W 2.48 X H 1.25)
  • Weight: 204 g (0.450 lb approx.)
  • Safety: CE EN61010-1, EN61010-2-032 - Pollution Degree 2

Data Sheet

Part Number: ACD-14 TRMS-PLUS
Price: $179.95