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Amprobe AT-4004CON Advanced Wire Tracer W/Hard Case and Clamp-on TransmitterManufacturer Part Number: 2734250 - Product Image

Amprobe AT-4004CON Advanced Wire Tracer W/Hard Case and Clamp-on Transmitter
Manufacturer Part Number: 2734250

Manufacture: Amprobe
Product Description: Amprobe's reputation for out-performing circuit tracers has just gotten better. These new and improved advanced tracers combine features and functions to make your job easier.(AT-4004 CON Advanced Wire Tracer with Hard case and Clamp-On Attachment)
  • Extremely easy to use
  • One universal transmitter- automatically switches to work with either energized or non-energized systems
  • Receiver not position sensitive- does not need to be rotated in order to provide accurate readings
  • Traces live wires buried or hidden behind walls
  • Traces energized and non-energized (open, broken) wires
  • Performs tests without having to interrupt power
  • Locates breakers, neutrals, and ground lines
  • Locates and traces wires in walls, floors, conduit, computer cables, etc.
  • Pinpoints shorts, ground faults and broken wires
  • Does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment
  • Precise sensitivity adjustment
  • Battery Booster strengthens signal for open tracing
  • Clamp-on attachment injects signal for non-contact operation

  • UPC/DCI: 0 95969 36923 7
  • Weight: 0.32 lb (143.5g)
  • Safety: CAT III 600V

Data Sheet

Part Number: AT-4004CON
Price: $896.95