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Amprobe CR50A Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance TesterManufacturer Part Number: 3026965 - Product Image

Amprobe CR50A Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance Tester
Manufacturer Part Number: 3026965

Manufacture: Amprobe
Product Description: Inspect and verify components for quality control by quickly checking circuits with this full-range capacitance and resistance meter.
  • Sort, match, QC inspect and verify components, check circuits with this full range capacitance and resistance meter
  • Dual zero adjustments pots to null strays and test leads
  • Special Low Ohms range
  • Oversized, read at-a-glance display
  • Premium test leads with alligator clips
  • Zero Adjust Pots for low Ohms and Capacitance Ranges
  • Low Battery Indication

  • UPC/DCI: 0 95969 41474 6
  • Warranty: One year
  • Battery Life: Alkaline 200 hours
  • Size: 15.1 cm x 7.0 cm x 3.8 cm (6.1in x 2.8in x 1.3in)
  • Weight: 200 g (8 oz.)

Data Sheet

Part Number: CR50A
Price:   $97.95