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Amprobe GP-2A GEOTEST Ground Resistance & Resistivity TesterManufacturer Part Number: 4129187Product Obsolete - Product Image

Amprobe GP-2A GEOTEST Ground Resistance & Resistivity Tester
Manufacturer Part Number: 4129187
Product Obsolete

Manufacture: Amprobe
Product Description: For installation and troubleshooting, this instrument provides accurate and reliable measurements of ground resistance and soil resitivity to help you reduce power quality problems.
  • Measures Earth ground resistance - 3 point (fall of potential) or 2 point tests
  • Automatically calculates resistivity - 4 point test
  • Automatic voltage measurement prevents false measurements
  • Automatically applies three testing frequencies for the most accurate readings
  • Test leads, auxiliary electrodes and software are included for complete instrument
  • Auto ranging
  • 999 internal memory locations to store measurements
  • RS-232 download to a personal computer

  • Safety: CATIII 250V

Data Sheet

Part Number: GP-2A
Price: $2,039.99