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Amprobe IR608A Infrared Thermometer with Laser PointerManufacturer Part Number: 3015690 - Product Image

Amprobe IR608A Infrared Thermometer with Laser Pointer
Manufacturer Part Number: 3015690   

Part Number: IR608A   
Price:  $83.95 
Manufacture: Amprobe
Product Description: Point and press for quick and easy temperature measurement.
The IR608A is an infrared thermometer with a laser pointer for easy targeting. A quick and effective diagnostic tool for identifying problems in a wide variety of applications like HVAC/R, fire safety and protection, industrial maintenance automotive and quality control. The IR608A is robust yet lightweight with a solid ergonomic design.
  • "Pistol grip design" for comfortable grip
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket
  • Measuring range 18 degrees C to 400 degrees C (0 degrees F to 750 degrees F)
  • Fixed emissivity at 0.95
  • Laser sighting for accurate targeting (CE EN60825 certified Class II)
  • Display hold
  • Fast response time
  • Distance to spot size ratio 8:1
  • Accuracy to 2 %
  • Backlit display
  • Battery included
  • Distance to Spot Size 8:1
  • Low Battery Indicator: Battery icon appears in display

  • UPC/DCI: 0 95969 41341 1
  • Warranty: One-year
  • Battery Life: 12 hours Typical (Alkaline)
  • Size: 152 mm x 101 mm x 38 mm (6 in x 4 in x 1.5 in)
  • Weight: 227 g (0.5 lb)

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