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Amprobe SM-70 Sound MeterManufacturer Part Number: 2731519 - Product Image

Amprobe SM-70 Sound Meter
Manufacturer Part Number: 2731519

Manufacture: Amprobe
Product Description:Product Amprobe SM-70 Sound Meter Obsolete

Replacement Product: Request Replacement Product
  • Measuring level range from 35dB to 130dB
  • Frequency range 31.5Hz 8kHz
  • A and C weightings for checking compliance with safety regulations as well as acoustic analysis
  • Slow (1 sec) and fast (125ms) response settings to check peak and average noise levels
  • Maximum hold feature to measure peak sound levels
  • Over and under range indicator
  • DC millivolt output for data analysis and recording (10mV/dB)
  • CE, designed to meet IEC651 and ANSI S1- 4 standards
  • Accessories included are carrying case, 9V battery, screwdriver and instruction manual

Data Sheet

Part Number: SM-70
Price: $249.95