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Amprobe TMD-51 Thermometer K/J-Type with MemoryManufacturer Part Number: 3730161 - Product Image

Amprobe TMD-51 Thermometer K/J-Type with Memory
Manufacturer Part Number: 3730161   

Part Number: TMD-51   
Price:  $81.95 
Manufacture: Amprobe
Product Description: Amprobe TMD-51 thermometer is a professional choice for HVAC/R technicians, electricians, research, industrial process, and quality control. The dual inputs allow easy super-heat and sub-cool temperature measurement as well as cut-out and in temperature measurements.
  • Highly accurate thermometer with 0.1% basic accuracy for precise measurements
  • Dual input T1, T2, T1-T2
  • Large, backlit easy to read display
  • In-field thermocouple offset adjustment
  • degrees C/ degrees F selection
  • Robust protective Holster
  • Auto-Power Off
  • MIN/MAX/HOLD functions
  • Included Accessories Users manual, K type thermocouple (2), Battery (4)

  • Battery Life: 200 hours typical
  • Size: L241.3 X W157.98 XH76.2mm (9.5 X 6.22 X3 in)
  • Weight: Approx. 286g (0.63 lb) including batteries and packaging box.

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