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Amprobe TMULD-300 Ultrasonic Leak Detector with TransmitterManufacturer Part Number: 2731543 - Product Image

Amprobe TMULD-300 Ultrasonic Leak Detector with Transmitter
Manufacturer Part Number: 2731543

Manufacture: Amprobe
Product Description: When leaks occur they often generate an ultrasonic frequency that is beyond human hearing. Amprobes TMULD-300 converts these sounds into an audible range for easy detection. The TMULD-300 tests pressurized air lines, refrigeration systems, steam lines for leaks. Quickly and easily locate a leak location with this unique device. The TMULD-300 includes an ultrasonic transmitter that is great to use in areas where leaking gases are not sufficiently pressurized. Check for door or trunk seals, windshield leaks. The transmitter creates ultrasonic sound waves for detecting cracks and leaks.
  • The UT-300 transmits an ultrasonic signal for non pressurized applications
  • Tests the air-tightness of weather seals, tanks, ovens, refrigerators, etc.
  • Locating leaks in duct work
  • Finds the ends of buried PVC pipes
  • Detects any pressurized gas leak regardless of type CFCs, HFCs, Nitrogen, etc. (unaffected by contaminants)

Data Sheet

Part Number: TMULD-300
Price: $566.99