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Amprobe VP-700-E Voltage Tester W/ Phase RotationManufacturer Part Number: 3476390 - Product Image

Amprobe VP-700-E Voltage Tester W/ Phase Rotation
Manufacturer Part Number: 3476390   

Part Number: VP-700-E   
Price:  $57.95 
Manufacture: Amprobe
Product Description:
  • Voltage test
  • Two pole phase rotation indication, no third hand required
  • Indication of polarity
  • Switchable Load of 140 W with two push buttons, tripping of 30 mA RCD
  • IP 64, splash-proof and dust-tight protection
  • Probe tip protection for reducing the danger of injuries (attached to lead - permantly available)
  • No unawared tripping of RCD
  • No battery required
  • Quick single-hand on 19 mm contact distance outlets, without removing test probe from instrument
  • Built and certified according latest voltage tester standard EN-61243-3:2010, DIN VDE 0682-401:2011