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BATTERY TESTER   Model- BAT-100   Part Number- 3472983Product Obsolete - Product Image

Model- BAT-100
Part Number- 3472983
Product Obsolete

Manufacture: Amprobe
Product Description: Check the batteries! Battery failure is often the common cause for the sensor or instrument failure. Simple to use, portable universal battery tester for the standard and rechargeable batteries.
  • Easy-to-read color-coded display with Good, Low and Replace/Recharge indicators
  • Works with standard and rechargeable Batteries
  • Compatible with: 9V, AA, AAA, C, D, 1.5V Button Type
  • Compact Design
  • Ergonomic Battery Holder
  • Users Manual Included

  • Size: 107(L) x 77(W) x 26(H)mm (4.21 x 3.03 x 1.02 in)
  • Weight: Approx. 40g (0.09 lb)
  • Safety: N10140, CE

Data Sheet

Part Number: BAT-100
Price: $6.45