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FLUKE-574 PRECISON IR THERMOMETER W/LOGGING SOFTWAREManufacturer Part Number: 2436612 - Product Image

Manufacturer Part Number: 2436612

Manufacture: Fluke
Product Description:
  • Backlit display for poorly lit areas
  • Last ten temperature readings displayed on bar graph for easy reference
  • Enhanced optics (distance to spot ratio up to 60:1) allow measurements of smaller objects from farther away
  • Coaxial three-dot laser sighting system highlights the true diameter of measurement spots at all distances (90% energy)
  • Extra bright appearing 635nm laser (tested to the same safety and power standards as less bright laser sights) to clearly highlight the targeted area
  • Close-focus option available for specialized applications
  • MIN/MAX measurements calculations instantly computed
  • Audible and visible HI temperature alarm for instant recognition
  • Comfortable, overmolded pistol grip makes target sighting easy
  • Adjustable emissivity setting (.01 increments) for more accurate measurement
  • Durable hard plastic storage case included
  • DIF/AVG measurement calculations instantly computed
  • 100 temperature data logging capability for easy route review
  • 30 pre-set common material emissivity values for most accurate temperature readings
  • Audible and visible HI and LO temperature alarm for instant recognition
  • Thermocouple K probe input for contact temperature measurements with same unit
  • Customizable log names, alarms, and emissivity values for more efficient, less error-prone predictive maintenance routes
  • Windows-based (Windows NT/ 2000/XP) software for data storage and analysis
  • Software to log, graph, and analyze temperature data via RS232 connection

  • Durable hard case
  • Thermocouple K probe
  • Power supply
  • RS232 data cable
  • Data graphing, storage, and analysis software
  • 2 AA batteries

Part Number: FLUKE-574
Price: $1,375.00