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Current Probes Clamp-on

Fluke 90I-610S AC/DC CURRENT PROBEManufacturer Part Number: 201258 - Product Image

Manufacturer Part Number: 201258   

Part Number: 90I-610S   
Price:  $383.95 
Manufacture: Fluke
Product Description: The 90i-610s is compatible with any Fluke ScopeMeter Test Tool, Power Harmonics Analyzer, Oscilloscope ,Multimeter, or other voltage measurement device that has the following features: BNC input connectors or if using a meter a BNC to banana plug adapter PM9081/001 (included) lets you use this probe with your DMM.
  • Current Range: 1 to 600 A DC or AC Peak
  • Basic Accuracy (DC to 400 Hz): +/- (2% of reading + 1 A)
  • Output Signal: 100 A range: 10 mV/A | 600 A range: 1 mV/A
  • Frequency Range: 40 Hz to 400 Hz
  • Working Voltage: 600 V AC rms
  • Maximum Conductor Diameter: 34 mm (1.34 inch)
  • Safety Rating: IEC 1010 and CSA-C22.2 No. 1010-1 Installation Category II, Working Voltage 600V