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Infrared Thermometer Model CA872  (Laser)  Catalog Number- 2121.31 - Product Image

Infrared Thermometer Model CA872 (Laser)
Catalog Number- 2121.31   

Part Number: 2121.31   
Price:  $169.00 
Manufacture: AEMC
Product Description:
  • Easy one-hand operation
  • Non-contact infrared sensor
  • Laser guide for precise aim
  • Measures temperature in degreesF and degreesC
  • Fixed 0.95 emissivity
  • Auto-HOLD function
  • 2000-count backlit LCD
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Includes rugged, shockproof, protective, dirt resistant holster

Application: Electrical troubleshooting, Food safety and processing, Automotive repair and maintenance, Marine maintenance and repairs, Test faulty motor winding insulation, Test overheated high voltage transformers, Test terminals on circuit breaker panels, and Perform HVAC energy audits.

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