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Megohmmeter Field Kit, Model 1045  Catalog Number- 2117.31 - Product Image

Megohmmeter Field Kit, Model 1045
Catalog Number- 2117.31   

Part Number: 2117.31   
Price:  $999.00 
Manufacture: AEMC
Product Description:
  • True Megohmmeter
  • Test voltage combinations of 250V, 500V and 1000V
  • Insulation measurements to 2000Mohm (2Gohm)
  • Automatic test inhibition if >25V
  • Automatic discharge for operator safety
  • Resistance measurements to 400kohm
  • Continuity measurements with 200mA test current
  • Alarm indication
  • Timer function for easy DAR and PI measurements
  • Over-molded slip-proof holster for rugged field use

Application: Motor insulation resistance measurements, Continuity checks, Low resistance measurement, Test industrial commercial wiring & motor control centers, Test motors (AC & DC), Test transformers, Dielectric Absorption Ratio and Polarization Index measurements.

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