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Yokogawa 185111FAFA7KKG - DC AMMETERRating- 0-1 mA/DCScale- 0-100Legend- % POWER LIMIT - Product Image

Yokogawa 185111FAFA7KKG - DC AMMETER

Rating- 0-1 mA/DC
Scale- 0-100

Manufacture: Yokogawa
Product Description: The edgewise family of panel meter products were designed to handle applications where panel space is at a premium. Both the 185 and 280 edgewise series meters may be mounted horizontally or vertically and meet ANSI C39.1. The Yokogawa line of edgewise meters are accurate to within +-2% of full scale in DC and +-3% for AC and come in a variety of sizes and ratings.


Accuracy: DC Meters +-2% of full scale. AC rectifier type +-3% (60 Hertz sine wave at 25 degrees C)

Overload: Voltmeter - 50% momentary. 20% sustained. Ammeter - 900% momentary. 20% sustained

Scale Data: 53 degrees rotation. Length - 1.785

Insulation Level: 1800 VRMS Hi-pot

Response Time:
3 seconds (max.) for microammeters;
2 seconds (max.) for all other DC ratings; and
2.5 seconds (max.) for AC ratings
Overshoot: Maximum of 40%

Mounting: 3-stack mounted, 2-stack mounted, horizontal, and vertical meter with bezel

Dimensional Drawings

General Specifications

Part Number: 185111FAFA7KKG
Price: $300.00 
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