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Yokogawa 260330RLRL9JAK - TYPE 260 - AC RECTIFIEDRating- 0-200 V/ACScale- 0-115Legend- % OUTPUT VOLTAGE - Product Image

Yokogawa 260330RLRL9JAK - TYPE 260 - AC RECTIFIED

Rating- 0-200 V/AC
Scale- 0-115

Manufacture: Yokogawa
Product Description: The stylist series panel meters are available in window mount and surface mount styles and all meters meet ANSI specification C39.1. These meters are available in a variety of sizes, from 1.5 to 4.5in, and feature a 90 degree arc in the AC iron vane version and a 95 degree deflection in the taut band and pivot and jewel models.

Accuracy: All DC and AC iron vane, +-2% of fullscale, AC rectifier type; +-3% of fullscale (60 Hz sinewave). Expanded scale voltmeters +-5% of fullscale. Special order DC with mirror back scale (DC only) 3-1/2 - 4-1/2in Available at +-1%.
ANSI Specification: All meters meet ANSI Specifications C-39.1 (See page 14 of Panel Meter Catalog PDF for exceptions.)
Overload: Voltmeters (AC + DC) - 50% momentary, 20% sustained. Ammeters (AC +DC) momentary: 10 times the rated current for 10 consecutive intervals of .5 seconds with 1 minute interval between successive applications; sustained: 20% for six hours.

Scale Data:
N/A for 1-1/2in model
2.15in for 2-1/2in model
2.70in for 3-1/2in model
3.80in for 4-1/2in model
1.66in for 1-1/2in model
2.29in for 2-1/2in model
2.85in for 3-1/2in model
4.01in for 4-1/2in model
Insulation Level: 2600V/1 min. (2-1/2in - 4-1/2in); 1500V/1 min. (1 1/2in)

Response Time:
3 seconds (Max.) - Microammeters
2 seconds (Max.) - All other DC ratings
2.5 seconds (Max.) - All AC ratings
Maximum 40% overshoot
Burden Data: AC Ammeter 5 amps at 60 Hz, 0.5VA, Max. .5 Power factor lagging, AC voltmeter - unity power factor.

Severe-duty meters are available to meet CUL or UL 1437 requirements in 2-1/2in - 4-1/2in sizes.

Three Mounting Types Available in Stylist Series: Rear Panel Window Mount, Front of Panel Surface Mount, Rear Panel Surface Mount Available with Optional Bezel

Taut Band: Taut band is a means of suspending the moving mechanism between two ribbons of metal, obviating the need for pivots, jewels and control springs found in conventional mechanisms. The absence of friction resulting from this permits greater sensitivities and provides more rugged meters.Common failures of conventional meters subjected to shock testing are cracked jewels and/or blunted pivots. Taut band, without pivot and jewels, consequently, will withstand shock in excess of that specified for pivot and jewel meters. For example, ANSI Specifications for panel meters require 50G shock. Taut-band meters will withstand 100G shock.

Pivot and Jewel: In this design the coil and pointer are supported by polished steel pivots at each end which fit into jewel bearings. Pivot and jewel meters are recommended for highvibration environments because of the mechanism

Part Number: 260330RLRL9JAK
Price:   $84.62 
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