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AEMC Model MN251 AC Current Probe (240A, 1mV/A, Lead)[Catalog Number 2115.77] - Product Image

AEMC Model MN251 AC Current Probe (240A, 1mV/A, Lead)
[Catalog Number 2115.77]

Manufacture: AEMC
Product Description: The MN250 is a general purpose AC current probe with voltage output. It is designed for use with DMMs or with measuring instruments with voltage inputs. These probes permit the measurement or recording of current with instruments without current ranges. The voltage output is proportional to the current measured (through the jaws). The MN250 offers a voltage output of 1mV per Amp measured. The MN291 has integral 5ft (1.5m) leads terminated by shrouded banana plugs.
  • Small, compact size
  • Large jaw opening accommodated conductors up to 250MCM
  • Designed for DMMs, loggers, recorders and oscilloscopes
  • Conforms to EN 61010, 600V Cat. III

Application: Measuring in breaker panels, Industrial loads, HVAC, Residential and commercial sites, and 5A secondary current transformers (CTs) monitoring.

Part Number: 2115.77
Price: $144.00