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W.E.I. Incorporated can support all your instrument modifications, calibrations, and repair needs! High quality services with professional assistance.

 Instrumentation Repair Services

Certified_Instrumentation_RepairsOur repair department certified technicians provide warranty and non-warranty repairs on most of the products that we sell. Our certified technicians can help diagnosis and solve the most difficult electrical instrumentation problems. Personal attention is given to each and every repair to assure it’s reliability, accuracy, and quality.

Get FREE in-house repair quotes!
Free estimates are provided before any work is performed.


Application Assistance Services

Application_AssistanceProfessional Application Assistance / Advanced Technical support
Quick and efficient customer support, and service with knowledgeable professionals.

Having trouble figuring out which product to get or how to properly use, install, or troubleshoot your product? Our professionals can provide you with complete comprehensive knowledge of the proper procedures on how to get your product configured and operating correctly. Our professionals are here to help you with all your product questions and guide you to success!

  • Knowledgeable professionals
  • Professional assistance, troubleshooting problems
  • Professional assistance choosing proper product
  • Professional assistance with proper procedures and operating functions for products
  • Get complete product information/additional product information (images, pdfs, specifications, optional accessories ect…)

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!


Meter Modification Services

Meter_ModificationW.E.I. Incorporated maintains a full-capability Meter Modification Center for your special meter requirements. All of our customization services are completed with our in-house technicians to assure you prompt service and precision work. We understand that your business demands instruments and controls that provide precise information, and we know that our customers call us because of our reputation for quality work and affordable prices.

From custom analog panel meters or to switchboard meters and other instruments we are the only place that you need to call for customized electrical equipment. Call us today for a free quote for your custom panel meters or electrical equipment.

Customized Panel Meter Modification:
Customized panel meters are available for any application. Our panel meter customizing is done with absolute precision in our in-house modification center. We can handle any specifications for customized panel meters. We stock a variety of round panel meters, rectangular panel meters, edgewise panel meters and switchboard meters which can be customized according to your needs. We work to your requirements to provide custom panel meters with customized scaling, measurement ranges, pointer types, mounting options and panel face designs. We can even customize your panel face with your company name or logo.

Custom dial plate scaling to your specific application need!

  • Custom dial plates/custom scaling – Special legends, color zones and other unique markings.
  • Special ranges, ratings, resistances, and sensitivities (Levels of precision).
  • Brand option
  • Case style option
  • Window type option
  • Movement option
  • Dial angles option

 NIST Calibration Services


  • Accredited in-house NIST calibration capabilities by a certified company
    • Short lead times
    • Cost effective solution
    • Fast and convenient service
    • NIST traceable calibration standards used (comes with NIST traceable certificate)
    • More than 30 years experience in delivering calibration solutions
  • Highest quality testing, so instrument(s) are to manufactures specifications
  • Calibrations performed and tracked using industry recognized Fluke standards and the Fluke MET-CAL Software
  • All calibrations include AS-FOUND, AS-LFET data
  • Asset identification and annual calibration due reminders
    • We fully manage your instrument information recording all essential calibration assets

W.E.I. Incorporated qualified professionals can help with all your calibration needs. Whether your instrument calibration needs are very simple or very complex, W.E.I. Incorporated, is willing to help.
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Product Sales

The more you shop at the more savings you can receive as a WEIonline valued member!

  • * Exclusive special offers
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  • * Specialized custom quotes

We manage our business relationships with specialized custom quotes as well as specialized quotes for bulk orders.

New product sales for the following equipment:

  • Analog meters, digital indicators, multifunction power meters,
  • Meter relays, signal conditioners/transducers, controllers/paper recorders,
  • Transformers/shunts, counter/timers, clamp-on multimeters,
  • Portable test equipment, portable power meters, and miscellaneous products

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